Our philosophy is that a home is more than just where you live, a workplace more than just where you do your job.

Home is your sanctuary, the place you return to after a long day. It’s the space of cherished memories. If you ask people to think back on their lives, for many, it starts with images of where they grew up - the smell of their mother cooking in the kitchen, the sights of family gatherings during holidays, the sound of the music that played as they drifted asleep listening to the radio in their bedroom.

Work is the location where you carry out your life’s purpose. It’s one of the places where you contribute to society. Home is the private space for you and your family; work is the public space for you to connect with others.

What the two have in common is that they form part of your identity - who you are and what you like. It’s a form of self-expression that’s often underappreciated. Even if you just have a cubicle in a giant office building, there’s a space for you to say, “This is me.”

They’re also where stories are often told - stories of the past, of jobs well done, of learning experiences, of memories. Our own story here at ReDESiGN begins in the early 2010s, when we met in the graduate program at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. We worked together on a joint project for a custom home in 2015.

Over the next couple of years, even though life took us to separate places (Missouri for Rhonda, South Carolina for Kattie), we maintained the friendship formed in graduate school and joked, as friends often do, that we should go into business together.

During this time, Rhonda owned and operated Redesign, while Kattie did the same with KC Home Designs. Then a move took Kattie to Tennessee, where she further honed her craft as the architect for Mitch Cox’s multi-family division. We kept our conversation going about business, and finally, in August 2018, formed ReDESiGN Architecture Group.

We’re based in both Missouri and Tennessee, and offer residential and commercial architecture services to our clients. Between us, we have NCARB certification, registration in Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, and North Carolina; and years of experience in residential (both single-family and multiple-family), commercial, medical, industrial, and commercial design and renovation.

So feel free to contact us today to set up a meeting. We’d love to talk to you about making where you live or work the place that you’ve always wanted to be.